How to Use Your New Bong

How to Use Your New Bong

How to Use Your New Bong

There is nothing more exciting than finding the perfect bong to fit your aesthetic. Now that you have picked out your choice and even secured a perfect blend to blaze, it is a good idea to learn how to use it correctly for the best possible draw with every hit. Filling and hitting a bong is something that most smokers learn early on, however, there is an art to properly filling and hitting a premium grade bong. There are also various types of glassware that often have special features to cool the smoke and filter out any unwanted nasty particulates. Regardless of what level you may be at now, we have a few tips on how to use your brand new bong that will take your experience to the next level.

Clean Your Works

Before you jump to firing up your new bong, the first thing you need to do is properly clean and dry your glassware. While most bongs look ready to use, proper care and maintenance are essential if you want your water pipe to go the distance. First, rinse out your bong with clean water and a gentle dish detergent. This will get rid of germs, fingerprints, dust, and anything else that may be lurking in or on your new bong. Rinse it again with plain water to ensure there is no soap residue left on the glass. Depending on the model, you can dry it by hand with a fiber-free terry cloth or can allow it to air dry until all the moisture has completely evaporated.

Fill Your Chamber

Next, you will need to add water to your bong. If you look at the stem of your bong, you will notice that below it there is a rounded chamber. The stem won’t touch the base of the bong, and most of the time there will also be small slits at the end of the stem, these are responsible for diffusing the smoke in the water. You can fill your bong in the sink or with a bottle of water up to just over those small slits we mentioned. Overfilling will leave you with water in your mouth when you draw. You will get used to your new bong and will work out the perfect water level once you have used your new product for some time, water level preferences differ between everyone. You can use cold water or lukewarm water as you prefer. Some people like to add a bit of flavour by pouring other liquids such as juice or flavouring agents into the chamber. While this works, you will need to wash your bong following each use if anything other than water is used.

Ice Out The Neck

Some bongs feature a section in the neck that can hold ice. If your model has this feature, now is the time to use it. Use medium to small-sized ice cubes and fill as desired, 3-4 pieces is generally enough. Pay attention to the indentations along the bottom of the neck that will prevent the ice from slipping into the chamber. Avoid over-packing the cubes and insert them gently to prevent damage to your new bong.

Grind Your Legal Herbs

Now that your bong is set up with fluid and ice, now is the time to prepare your grind. Take your favourite blend and grind it to your desired consistency. You can load your bong directly from your grinder, or you can place your legal herbs on a flat surface, rolling tray or bowl and free-load your bong by hand. There is no wrong option as both are simply personal preferences.

Filling Your Bong Bowl

It is always a good idea to remove your bowl/cone from the bong or ash catcher as this gives you better control over packing the bowl/cone with the desired quantity and consistency. If your bowl is attached, then you don’t have to worry about ash or leaves falling into the stem. Add a couple of pinches of your blend into your bowl/cone until it reaches the brim or however much you think you need. Try not to over pack or compress the blend so that you can get ample circulation. It should remain slightly springy, but not have any product falling out of the bowl. Next, re-join your bowl with your stem if they are separated, or simply sit down and prepare yourself for a smooth blast for fixed models.

Getting The Perfect Hit

Now that you have your bong set up and ready to go, we have a few tips that will help you archive a smooth draw. It is always a good idea to have a cold drink on hand to soothe the throat irritation, if you experience a harsh draw. To start, grab the bong with your non-dominant hand. The stem should be pointing a bit towards the opposite hand which you will use to light the bowl. Keep the flame hole positioned upwards to avoid burning your fingers.

Make a solid seal on the top of the bong neck with your lips. If you have an ice-catch, this will be a chilly, yet pleasant ride. Now, with a medium flame, touch the fire to the surface of the bowl. You should draw steadily, but slowly for a smooth hit. The water should bubble gently during your draw and once you see a cherry start to emerge on the bowl, turn off the active flame but continue to draw. Once your lungs are at full capacity, remove the bowl/cone from the stem or if you have a carb hole (shotty) release it now and inhale a bit more clear air. This will cause a lot of bubbles in the water, but will also give you an intense hit that you won’t soon forget.

Cleaning Your New Bong After Use

While you may be riding on cloud 9 right now, it is important to take proper care of your bong following each session. If you used plain water in your chamber, you can reuse it for another 2 or 3 sessions before it becomes stale, although we feel it is best practice to empty out the bang water and rinse after each session to keep on top of the hygiene and cleanliness of your bong. If you used any other type of liquid, you will need to clean it out after each use. If you prefer to change your water less often you can also use a product called Piece Water and this allows your bong to stay cleaner for much longer without the need to change the water as frequently. It is important to clean your bowl every couple of uses to prevent resin from building up inside of the bowl and stem. You can use isopropyl alcohol and salt to break up resin effectively without damaging your bong. Use a poker with a brush on the end to clean the sides of your bong and the inside of the stem. For more tips and tricks, or to add a new bong to your collecting, check out Beefy’s Bongs Australia today.

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