How to Choose a Herb Grinder

How to Choose a Herb Grinder

How to Choose a Herb Grinder

Grinders are the perfect way to get the perfect texture for your legal herbs, but it is important to choose the right one. If this is your first grinder purchase it can be easy to get lost in the plethora of choices available on the market. Even if you have purchased a grinder in the past, the art of shredding is always advancing which can make picking out a new unit all that more complex. Thankfully, Beefy’s Bongs Australia offers a wide range of grinders at just about every price point. This will ensure that you find a grinder that meets your needs and fits your personal aesthetics.

Choosing A Grinder

Grinders of today have many more features than the models of the past. Instead of just a simple plastic spinner, there are grinders of various sizes, grips, shredding styles, and even sizes. All these come together to create a grind that is smooth and refined.

Shredder Compartments

If you are a veteran herb grinder shopper, then you already know most contain numbered labels such as 2 part or 4 part etc. For newbies, these labels refer to the number of compartments and pieces they contain. Grinders range from 2-5 pieces with a higher number of compartments providing more functionality.

2-Piece Grinders

Are the most basic of all. One side is a sharp shredder while the other is the agitation side that allows for a quick grind. They are also the easiest to clean as well as the most affordable.

3-Piece Grinders

Are a nice upgrade and offer an extra section to store the product once it has been ground. Once the product is ground, it will fall into the storage section for dispersal or later use.

4-Piece Grinders

Are the most popular and offer a lot of functionality. Not only do you have a grind section and a storage section, but there is also a mesh component that sifts pollen from the ground product. This will fall down into a 4th storage compartment for later use. Pollen is highly concentrated and works great in providing an extra kick to your experience.

5- Piece Grinders

Are not as popular, but they are the creme-de-la-creme of grinders. They offer advanced versatility and do the same job as a 4 piece, but better. If you love collecting pollen, a 5- piece grinder will allow you to capture purer blends for an even more concentrated blast.

Consider The Size

Before you jump into picking out a style, think about what size of grinder will suit your needs. The size mainly will be determined by your personal consumption, though you can always keep a variety of sizes for any situation.

Mini and small grinders tend to be about two inches (50mm) in diameter. Some are even smaller, sizing out at one inch. Small grinders are great for casual users and travelling. They are discreet and can grind amounts of a half gram or less at a time. Medium-sized grinders run between 2 ½ inches (63mm) in diameter. They are easily portable and offer discreet grinding for users who need a bit more room for their product. The max amount they can grind at once is around 3 grams, but any smaller amount will also work. Extra Large grinders range from 3 inches (76mm) all the way up to 110mm, sometimes more. They are not really portable, but they are great for those looking for a usable showpiece that is also able to grind large amounts at once. This type is perfect for parties, shops, or high-consumption users.

Grinder Construction

Old-style grinders were all made out of low-grade plastic, but modern grinders come in a variety of materials and construction options.

Aluminium Grinders

Are the most common and are also affordable. They are lightweight, easy to clean, and easy to use. There are two types of aluminium grinders, cast alloy which is a softer metal mixture that is turned in to hot liquid and then poured in to a mold, this is what the majority of cheaper grinders are made from, some of the more expensive cast alloy grinders are finished off with a CNC machine although this is generally not the case. The second option is a real aluminium grinder that is CNC machined out of a solid piece of aluminium that is generally either 6061-T6 or 7075 grade materiel and will produce a superior product to the cast alloy options.

Stainless Steel Grinders

Are the rarest of all and also the most expensive. They last literally forever if you are able to find one. Most grinders regardless of material will feature some form of stainless steel in the construction, usually the mesh screen.

Acrylic Grinders

Are the least expensive option; however, they are not as durable as other materials. If you are simply looking for a temporary grinder or if you just want to try one out, acrylic grinders are a great option.

Wood Grinders

For those who love artistry and aesthetics, consider a wooden grinder. They are not the most effective options on the market, but they are beautiful to look at and affordable as well all while being the most natural option available.

Ceramic Coated Grinders

Ceramic coated grinders are the newest addition to the grinder world, the coating creates a nonstick coating and this in turn means the grinder will require less maintenance and will release more of your product with each use. Be careful when choosing a ceramic coated grinder and make sure it is free from PTFE and Teflon as these products are harmful to your health. The SLX range of grinders use a proprietary ceramic coating that is free from PTFE and Teflon and is our choice when it comes to choosing a nonstick grinder.

Artistry Grinders

Now that we have covered the basics, let’s talk about some of the more artistic grinders on the market. If you have money to burn, you can pick up a 24K Gold Grinder to grind your product in style. Though these are effective, they can be tough to clean and if you lose it, then you would be out a pretty penny.

There are also many other unique grinders to choose from such as those that glow in the dark, grinders with custom images imprinted on the exterior, and even hand-crafted glass grinders that let you see all the action as your grind and sift your product. Speciality grinders have a wide range of prices, all of which tend to be higher than those produced commercially in mass.

Which Grinder is Right for Me?

A grinder regardless of type will create a nice blend of product that is milled enough for a smooth burn. Depending on what type of smoker you are, your overall budget and your size preferences, one type may fit your needs better than the other. For those who like to collect pollen for concentrated hits, then a 4 or 5 part grinder will be a great choice. For all others, any grinder will get the job done. You can also choose small grinders for travel that are affordable and more attractive or larger grinders to leave at home. Whatever you choose, Beefy’s Bongs Australia has you covered.

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