Four High End Bong Brands that are Definitely Worth the Price!

Four High End Bong Brands that are Definitely Worth the Price!

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If you're a smoking enthusiast, then you need the best for your legal dry herbs. Investing in a top-shelf glass piece is a must for your coffee table.

Some people make the mistake of assuming glass is just glass. However, there are plenty of premium manufacturing brands offering you stunning product ranges.

Here are our top choices for the best glass manufacturing brands.

Empire Glassworks

Founded in 2013, Empire Glassworks is one of the leading west coast glassworks in the United States. The company got its start making glass beads and artwork. However, they started producing high-end glass bongs and never looked back.

Empire has a reputation for creating beautiful, artistic glass that's as functional as it is pretty. The company utilizes bright colors in its pieces, with exquisite craftsmanship that displays the brand's quality.

Empire also makes a range of novelty glassware, along with its premium bonds. Whether you're looking for a unique glass hand pipe or a pineapple-shaped bong, check out the Empire range.

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RooR is the leading glass brand in Europe. They have a reputation for outstanding quality, with excellent design and masterful manufacturing processes. All RooR products come with a premium look and feel. The bongs and glass accessories are thick and rugged, offering you the best smoking experience possible.

RooR uses Schott Duran Pyrex Tubing premium clear borosilicate glass in their pieces, and the quality shows.

Each RooR piece 5mm thick and over comes signed by the glassblower that made it, giving you a handcrafted, one-of-one feel to every pipe or bong they produce. Your bong comes with an authentication seal and a QR code for online verification.



EHLE Glass is another premium manufacture that made our list. This glassblowing company started with humble roots, and they wanted to be the low-cost competitor to RooR.

However, the company decided to take the other direction, offering top-end glass pieces comparable to the quality of RooR, with a lower price tag.

While you don't get the same personalized piece as you do with RooR, you get a fantastic bong or pipe with top-shelf quality and masterful manufacturing. ELHE offers you a wide product range, with many shapes and sizes available to suit your smoking needs.



We can't close off our review without including G-Spot glass. This manufacturing brand produces some of the best glass available. Founded in 2000, the company has its manufacturing premises in Germany.

The company earned its reputation for producing the "solid tank joint." This joint has a cult following among serious smokers, thanks to its near indestructible nature.

G-Spot has some amazing designs, and we love the Dragon Cylinder ice bong if you want to smoke out of a real work of art. Check out the range and choose a high-quality design that suits your smoking style.

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