Bongs VS Bubblers

Bongs VS Bubblers

Are you searching for a new way to enjoy your favourite legal dry herbs? Bongs and bubblers give you the opportunity to open a new world of smoking pleasure.

Bongs and bubblers, otherwise known as water pipes, allow you to enhance the smoking experience with unique delivery methods.

Choosing between a bong or bubbler might leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed. That's okay; we'll walk you through everything you need to know about these water pipes to make the best decision for your next smoking session.

What are Bongs?

Bongs come in a range of sizes with a variety of inner components and elements. You have the option of getting a traditional three-foot bong with a tubular glass design for straight hits or choose a two-foot model with a percolator for a refined smoking experience.

Typically, you load a bowl or cone on the bong with your favourite legal dry herbs and pull through a mouthpiece at the top. Some bongs will have a carb hole to allow airflow into the chamber, or you'll have to lift the bowl its self to clear the smoke from the bong.

Bongs are a fantastic choice to enhance the potency and flavour of your legal herbs. They offer a direct hit with huge cloud production. Choosing models with percolators adds more filtration and cooling to the smoke, allowing for flavourful, low-temperature rips. You'll get more aroma and the full terpene profile, with massive clouds.

Bongs come in acrylic, silicone and glass materials in a range of classic or novelty designs. Some amazing glassblowers work colours and patterns into the design of the bong for a mesmerising visual effect. Some models also include ice holders blown into the bong to help with cooling the smoke.

What are Bubblers?

You can think of a bubbler as a miniature bong. It has a smaller, compact design that makes it more suitable for taking to a friend's house or on vacation. Bubblers typically use a lot less water than bongs, and they have a discreet form factor and profile.

Bubblers offer you user-friendly one-handed operation and your typical bubbler comes with a welded downstem and a pushed bowl fixed in place. Bubblers are similar to hand or spoon pipes with the addition of a larger chamber to hold water and fixed downstem that is long enough to enter the water and this is what allows for the diffusion of the smoke.

Bubblers come in various designs, with different styles of mouthpieces to suit your on-the-move smoking habits. Most bubblers don't offer features like percolators and ice holders.

Bong Vs. Bubblers – Comparing

The Smoking Experience

When it comes to comparing the smoking experience between bongs Vs. Bubblers, we find that both utilise water chambers to filter the smoke and cool it before sending it to the mouthpiece.

The bong has a larger water chamber, offering you more filtration and cooling capacity for the smoke. The bigger bowl on the bong and the ability to take a single large rip also add to a much more potent smoking experience with your legal herbs.

Bongs also come in a wide range of designs and sizes, allowing you to take rips from large bongs that kill a few grams with each hit. The bubbler is ideal for someone that smokes during the day on their commute or wants smaller doses.

Purchase Price and Cleaning

Typically, bongs cost more than bubblers, especially for premium glass models. Bongs from manufacturers like Mathematix, ROOR, and Empire Glass all charge a premium for their products, but they produce bongs like functional artwork.

You get cheaper bongs, like a 2-foot acrylic model, but you won't get the same smoking experience as you would with a three-foot glass bong.

Bubblers are typically more affordable than bongs, but some of the models from the leading manufacturers can get pricey.

When it comes to cleaning, bongs with percolators are the most challenging to clean due to the many branches and percolators slits in the bong. However, they are surprisingly easy to clean using home-based cleaning products or specialised bong cleaning products.

Bubblers are smaller, and they tend to have many hard to reach areas. As a result, they might be harder to clean in smaller models.

The Final Verdict – Bong Vs Bubblers

If you're still on the fence with your decision, let us help you by listing the key takeaways of bongs vs. bubblers.

Ask yourself the following questions before settling on your purchase.

  • Do you want something for the road or your home?
  • Do you need something for solo smoking sessions or blazing in groups?
  • Do you like the thought of adding ice and percolators to cool and filter the smoke?
  • What is your budget?

So, will it be a bong or bubbler? Why not consider getting one of each? You can grab some special glass for the coffee table at home and a bubbler for a portable solution. Check out our range; we have the best models from the leading global brands.

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