Bong Shop Worker Beaten Bloody with Glass Bong

Bong Shop Worker Beaten Bloody with Glass Bong

BongShop Worker Beaten Bloody with Glass Bong

We're willing to bet you've never imagined your bong could beat someone to death. Most of us look at our bong and imagine an evening of relaxation.

However, for an employee of a Vancouver head shop, a glass bong became his worst nightmare.

Two criminals entered his shop, armed with unexpected weapons. Instead of drawing firearms on the worker, the pair pulled out glass bongs, proceeding to beat the worker to near death with the smoking accessory.

The criminals Jose Luis Vega Salazar and Cruz Antonio Dominguez are both Portland residents. They face first-degree robbery and attempted murder charges after their attack on Mohammad Kazen left him with severe head wounds.

Cruz Antonio Dominguez and Jose Luis Vega Salazar shown in booking photos from the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office.

Court records show law enforcement officials arrested Dominguez, with the suspect appearing in Clark County Superior Court. The suspect is out on bail, awaiting trial. Police booked Salazar into the Clark County jail, with court records showing no scheduled arraignment of the suspect.

The horrific attack on the bong shop clerk occurred on November 30th 2020. Suspects entered the "Discount Tobacco & Beverages" off the Northeast Highway 99, sporting a 12" glass water pipe. After entering the store and browsing to avoid suspicion, the pair allegedly grabbed a second bong from the shelf and attempted to run out of the store to escape without paying.

The worker chased the shoplifters, confronting them in the parking lot where things turned ugly. The alleged criminals assaulted Kazen with the 12" glass bong, beating him senseless while kicking and punching him on the ground.

The criminals shattered the glass bong during the assault, fleeing the scene with the shoplifted water pipe, valued at $100. Shortly after the incident, medics arrived on the scene, rushing Kazem to the hospital for emergency assistance.

As an ex-military interpreter formally deployed to Afghanistan, Kazem said he had never experienced any violence on this level before.

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