A Brief Guide to Dabbing Essentials

A Brief Guide to Dabbing Essentials

A Brief Guide to Dabbing Essentials

Do you dab? Put the bong down, just for a second; let us introduce you to a brand new method. Dabbing is taking the world by storm, with herbal enthusiasts flocking to online headshops to purchase all types of rigs, tools, caps, and equipment.

If you're new to dabbing, torches, carb caps, and rigs might seem confusing, but it's easy to get your head around it with a quick explanation. In this post, we'll look at everything you need to start dabbing and enjoy your experience.

What Is a Dab Rig?

Let's start with the crux of the dabbing experience – the rig. Dab Rigs are available in a variety of designs and styles. However, most of them come with a glass construction, with some featuring colours artfully woven into the material by talented glass blowers.

Your rig can have a standard design, or it can feature other additions like percolators to cool down and smooth out the smoke on its way to your lungs. When choosing your rig, the volume is the most important factor determining your overall smoking or vaping adventure.

Rigs with more volume typically have a smoother pull, while smaller rigs can end up spitting the water into the neck and your mouth. However, smaller rigs have some benefits for compact storage and easy-carry wherever you go.

What are Bangers and Nails?

The banger and nail are essentially two terms for the same thing. The quartz banger attaches to the rig, providing the heating surface for vaporising legal herbs and extracts. A nail has a straighter appearance than a banger, with most bangers taking the shape of a bent tube with a bucket on the end, similar to what you would find in a water pipe with a removable bowl.

Quartz Bangers come in various sizes, from 10mm to 18mm, and they also give you the option of selecting male or female connectors and a variety of angles are available. Bangers and nails also come with construction in different materials, from titanium to quartz.

According to users, the quartz nail is the industry standard, providing smoother tastier hits than titanium nails that reach very high temperatures. However, titanium is the more durable option, as dropping your quartz banger on the floor might break it.

Understanding Torches and E-Nails

There's something strange about firing up a torch to take a hit of your favourite extract or dried legal herbs. After a few dabbing sessions, we guarantee you'll master the art of heating your banger or nail. You will want to choose a torch with enough power to quickly any evenly heat your quartz banger or titanium nail.

If you have safety concerns about handling torches, think about getting an e-nail or an electric dab rig. These nails heat through the rig to preset temperatures providing the ultimate dabbing experience.

E-rigs and e-nails are more expensive than traditional rigs and bangers, but you get a consistent smoking or vaping experience with every session.

Dabbing Tools

You're going to need some basic tools for managing your dabbing experience. A dabbing tool helps you dig out your extract and handle it without making a mess.

These tools come in a range of designs, shapes, and sizes. Look for tools offering you a scoop and hook for easy application of the dab to the rig.

The Carb Cap

The carb cap is an absolute must-have for any dab rig. This cap covers the banger or nail, allowing the dabber to control the airflow moving through the nail/banger and the rig itself.

By manipulating the airflow with the carb cap, you can agitate the combustion or vaporization of your extract or materials. As a result, you get a consistent hit from each drag on the rig.

Place the cap over the nail entirely, and it extinguishes the materials in the nail/banger. Using the carb cap to manipulate the vaporization of the materials takes some experience, but it's not rocket science, and you'll get the hang of it with a few sessions.

Rig Mats and Storage Cases

Any seasoned dabber will tell you that it's challenging to avoid making something of a mess around the rig while dabbing. Placing extracts on a hot nail or quartz banger and pulling on the rig may cause some spitting that lands around the base.

If you want to avoid your coffee table becoming a sticky mess, a dabbing mat helps catch the spatter. The mats also work great at protecting your dab rig when you place it down to hard and also working as an anti-slip measure.

A storage case for your rig is a good idea if you're thinking about traveling with it or just tp protect your prized piece.

Wrapping Up – Purchase Quality to Avoid Disappointment

If you want the best dabbing experience possible, buy quality equipment. A good dab rig, nail/banger, and carb cap will last you a lifetime with the right care.

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